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My beliefs are strongly intertwined with my synapses and always have been – and I have read all I could ever find about them. This is not about religion, race, sexual orientation, it’s not about my state of mind. This is for the other selves I could have been but chose not to become because I feel the need of explaining myself in front of my harshest judge – my conscience, my senses of right or wrong and today I chose the right path of rehabilitating my soul and thus I feel like telling the truth and moving on.

I have chosen to become who I am based on my past, which I am not going to offer many details about but rather do an introspection and note down the conclusions.

I have chosen to believe in who I am because my gut never, but absolutely never lied to me. I have had anxiety all my life as a symptom of borderline personality disorder and you would say a borderline mind cannot do justice to itself but I have come to the conclusion that it is the only rehab I have left.

I have chosen to end interpersonal relationship because of the toxicity they were veiled in, and it wasn’t always them. It was me and my needy soul, not … Dive deeper