Random Blathers

Spring helter-skelter

May 3rd

Midnight thoughts veiled me again, I’m in pain and miserable. I am looking for the moon that doesn’t exist on my ceiling, nor does it live close enough to me. For an escape that I fear, because the only escape that exists is the one that scares me the most, shivers down my spine. It’s a home I do not want to let go of, but it is not my home. Unbreak me and bring me back to life, because I am bound to you with all my being and all my energies. Tonight I am crying even though you are holding my hand. I am crying under pressure, that you might not hold it next time I will be crying. It s a hopeless cry, it is a cry for help and it is a cry for love – because i love you like i love myself, my soul, my only will to be alive. I’m in pain and endangered, my soul feels unsafe, stepping into the unknown, how do I protect it from me and you? Because you don’t understand, my soul needs to be protected. I would die caring for its well being and to protect it. I would die for my soul. I just hope it will not die along with me. Cause I, … Dive deeper