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T&MM: Soft and clear

I am still here, you know. Even though I always have my headphones on, I am there, listening, watching, gazing. Staring at you staring back at me, I see it all. I hear it all. And I keep it all to myself. It is hard to become one of them, I simply cannot do it even though it’s a requirement nowadays. Why become like them? Let me be. Let me read my book on my way to wherever the hell I am going. Let me swear chatting with my best friend online since I have to behave. People don’t believe it, but I am actually the chillest at home. I pop on a face mask and eat cherries and watch a TV show now that I got the time for it, plan my outfits and scroll through Instagram, anything I can do that’s not involving using my three very, very tired brain cells left. I honestly do not have the energy to raise my voice as much as I used to and I think that’s a good thing about being tired. You shut the fuck up until you don t anymore.

I finished my exam session and it was horrible. Working a full-time job has overwhelmed me and my mind more than I would like to accept, but reality is … Dive deeper