Random Blathers

Toxic relationships & how to get away with murder


I did disappear for around two months. I’m in the process of getting my life together (isn’t anyone this age?). Changed jobs (night shifts are awesome if you don’t expect to have a life in between shifts), managed to get an internship of which I’m very proud of (junior analyst, yay!), passed some of my exams in college. It was a busy summer, indeed. Didn’t travel anywhere, honestly, I was focused entirely on exams and work. I didn’t like my work, but I didn’t hate it either. Made tons of friends. Kept myself busy, so my mental health would reinstate into normal. It’s been spacey these days. I think I’ve lost a little party of myself into space. At some point, I was so sad that one day, my best friend from work, who lived in another city, sent out the whole management team to me to hug me, thing that taught me that feelings need no distance, joy needs no reason and grace comes from within. The guy taught me how to be heartfelt when I almost forgot what that meant. I pretty much am taking life as it is, trying to make the best out of it. Trying to live a healthy lifestyle, eating less chocolate (lies), almost fully quit alcohol. I sleep as much as possible, … Dive deeper