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r i s k s

We forgot what stomach pain feels like, caused by hours of laughter, so we’re so shocked when it happens. We forgot what muscle pain is, outside the gym. We refuse to get out of our routines, we refuse to quit one hour of sleep for one hour of fun. We’re young and dying. We should be young and happy. And when sparks of happiness appear, we don’t know how to react to it, we get scared and blame the high. We go out against our mood, thinking it is going to be for the better, because we see ourselves so “antisocial”, and then we blame ourselves for actually enjoying another man’s presence. We light up a cigarette after a blunt, get home late and pour a shot so we can go to sleep, even if it’s against all our rules we guide our lives after.  Because if nobody sees it, it never happened. We forgot to smile back at strangers. We forgot that they’re not as unknown as we think.

So now that we agreed that, when alone, we let ourselves enjoy things we would otherwise feel guilty about, how does that impact us and why aren’t we brave enough to live life, exactly as it is served to us?

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