Instagrammed // May 2018 in a few lines

May 23rd

I call them growing aches. You know, the pain children feel when their bodies grow? It’s the same with adults when their mind expand and they have to face brutal, real life. And I don’t mean, by any ways, bills or the negative response of a job interview, as I don’t talk about failed exams, as I don’t want to go into the subject of daily matters. I’m talking about the pain you feel when you look into the mirror and you don’t even see yourself. That’s loneliness. When you wake up as you usually do, get up and make coffee, brush your teeth and comb your hair, iron your shirt and go about your day. In complete, deep silence, hidden in some radio tunes you play just so you don’t feel the pain.
That’s a normal morning routine for the most of us, ain’t it? Just so you’re able to function like a, well, grown up, huh? But what does it mean to grow up? Get a job from 9 to 5? Dine with friends and get tipsy on friday nights over long weeks at work and boring weekends? Finish college, girl, or you’ll end up exactly like them. Don’t go out dressed like that, you’re 20, for fuck’s sake. Don’t tell them what hurts.

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