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What to do when you feel like you can’t do anything. Fighting your thoughts & how I handle my emotional hindrance

A little intro about my mind and how it works and why not fighting your mind it is a dysfunctional way of approaching things you need handled.

I need to stand still when I write. Not necessarily physically still, but my mind needs to be in just one still place. Not thinking about college, not thinking about you, not thinking about myself, but just focusing on the idea that I want to expand. I need to find my words. And I don’t find them every time, I am not perfect, I am not always inspired. I don’t always have something to talk about. Today’s article is about those silent days. Those silent days and how to manage them. Those days when crying and chocolate sound like a good solution, always. Those days when I only want to sleep or do nothing. Not even binge a show (and I am a huge binge-watcher). If there’s one thing that I can do in those days, that is writing. About nothing. Nothing deep, nothing helpful, just superficial sketches of a scary feeling I may or may not be having at that moment. I need to stand still when I write. The world mustn’t move. Nothing moves on my watch. No leaf that falls from a tree, no time that passes by, no music … Dive deeper